13.7 miles - or roughly an hour of cycling - every day, for one year - can you join the community-driven 5000 mile club?

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Join the challenge!

Want to give your riding a boost in 2023? Sign up to Cycling Weekly's annual 5,000 mile riding challenge and let us, and a community of like-minded individuals, help inspire you to ride further than before. 

As well as the motivation of the mileage total to try and hit you can take part in the CW5000 monthly challenges that are designed to push your limits and mix up the kind of riding you do. From big daily or weekly distances to higher climbing totals and a little bit of exploration. They will all help you increase your mileage and hopefully inspire you to try something new. 

5,000 miles breaks down to just 13.7 miles a day, which for most is around one hour on the bike. So you don’t need to change your life, but you do need to stick at it, consistency is the key.

Whether the miles are logged on your daily commute, lunchtime ride, evening turbo session (we accept virtual miles) or weekend adventures they all count. It’s a free to enter, honesty-based challenge and the #CW5000 community will be there to motivate, celebrate and provide advice.

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How it works

  • Sign up: Simple, quick and free - and we won't spam you! Fill out the form above, tick the necessary boxes and get going! Once you've signed up we'll email your monthly challenges on the first of each month, plus an update on everyone's progress and any essential information.
  • Get riding: The fun bit. No matter what sort of riding you do, we'll accept your mileage. Lots of our riders mix on and off-road and many of them are logging miles on virtual platforms. They all count. This is an individual challenge for you take on however you wish.
  • Log your miles: The important bit. If you want to be added to our finishers list we need to see your mileage. Most riders log it on Strava and send us an image of their profile page with their annual mileage,  but any ride logging site is fine. As are spreadsheets and the good old CW mileage chart. 
  • Get involved: The challenge has a lively and supportive Facebook group where CW5000 riders share their ride stories. Once you've signed up you'll receive a welcome email with a link to join this private group.
  • Order your medal: Once you've completed the challenge you can order your finishers medal and certificate as a souvenir of your achievement